Citrus Game: Unity in a Flash Version

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Recently I developed a Flash Version of Citrus Game to test that new possibility offered by Unity Game Development Software.
Many drastic adjustments were necessary to make it work in Flash:

  • Chop Terrain into grid, because the Terrain Tool don’t work in Flash.
  • Modify and adapt all the physics, as the enemies jammed and behaved very differently due to the adjustments made.
  • Control: addition of a sidebars to rotate the player, because the flash can not use the right mouse button to focus (Who was initially my idea). Neither work other keys. ZOOM also adapted as the Mouse Wheel isn’t working with Flash.
  • Adapt all iTween PLUGIN code, that I use intensively.
  • Optimize the enemies code as that slows down the game.
  • Simplify texture, shader, sky and water.
  • Adapt Fonts.

Citrus Game Flash Version   Unity Logo