My President App updated!

Hello, lately I updated My President App, both on iOS & Android.

If you check it out, I would appreciate gladly your feedback. Thanks!

Adds & Improvements:

  • 6 Meme layouts to better fit vertical or square pictures on sharing
  • 3 New Characters: Kim Jong-un, Dalai Lama & Íñigo Errejón
  • Random Character creator
  • Improved Bubble Speech design and Type Font
  • 4 New hats, including Viking Helmet & Snorkel glasses
    (to send your President on vacation 🙂 )
  • Football Player body & ball
  • Cursor on Bubble Speech
  • 2 Modes of interaction
  • Improved texture quality
  • Less ads
  • Improved character layouts
  • A lot of other small improvements & fixes

6 different layouts to Share

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MyPresident App launched!


Finally, MyPresident App has been launched on App Stores:

With it, you can share meme’s of the most iconic spanish, catalan & others political leaders. The funny part is that you can mix their parts and add hats & other decorations. It’s free, and it’s translated into english, spanish & catalan languages, thou the real political speech are in the origin language.

I hope you like it!

MyPresident Screenshot, Thousands of combinations to share

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“Pay & Play” App, FinApps Party Third Prize

Recently we’ve won the Third prize in the Barcelona FinApps Party, a 24 hours developing marathon of mobile financial aplications.

App Pay and Play Loyalty Points
Samsung Galaxy Tab Screenshot of the Pay & Play App. Taken when the purchase is succesfully done.

Our project is called “Pay & Play” and is a virtual 3D payment gateway that works with NFC and/or other ways, with a customizable avatar representing the customer, geolocalization of the commerce to include direct promotions and/or ads from the local shop, and finally a fun score of the loyalty points (punts estrella) gained with your purchase.

And we really integrated the “La Caixa” API (Library, Framework) to do the payments, check the credit cards, read the loyalty points…

We tried to do an interface where the user can feel confident with the virtual world, have fun with the gameplay and feel identified with the avatar.

I deployed here a version without API connection, so the actions are simulated:


Face, Go & Rotate

Besides, I performed and upgraded a different branch of the application version just to show the potential of the avatar state machine.

I call it “Face, Go & Rotate”

He/she can move anywhere in a smooth way: stopping, facing the new destination, walking and finally rotating to the desired direction direction. All with the appropiate animations and transicions.

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