B.Lux Group

I develop, with Moriwase (Design) and Sage Logiccontrol (Backoffice) The B.Lux Group web, which comprises the companies B.Lux and Vanlux, a standard-bearer in the creation and production of contemporary designer lighting.

It’s the larger, expensive and ambitious project I collaborate with. It’s posible to search and view all the lamps’s photos, instructions or catalogs pages trought a power visualizer. You can download or print all the information.



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JOC de la MOBILITAT (Mobility Game)

In collaboration with Emiliano Burgos, we develop this board game based on board questions. I do all the Flash integration with the sections and the game interaction. The work is for Ajuntament de Barcelona (City Council), and intended to be an awareness of the city transit problems for celebrating de “mobility day”.

Technically, it’s interesting the board elements’s Z-index (character, buildings and question marks) and the automatic animation and rotation of the character.



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